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Training Center Sunplay
[Access] 5m from JR Okachimachi station, Tokyo
0m from JR Akihabara station, Tokyo
5m from Ueno-Okachimachi station, Tokyo
5m from Ueno-Okachimachi station, Tokyo
3m from Ginza Line Suehiroch? station, Tokyo
5m from Chiyoda Line Yushima station, Tokyo
[Staff hours] Open Mon―Sat 10:30-22:00 Sun, Public Holiday 10:30-18:30
[Tel] Tel: 03-3836-4795 Fax:03-3839-7478
General Training: Personal aim such as muscle building, shape up, weight loss, health maintenance can be completed here in Sunplay. Beginners are welcome! We have an option menu “Notebook-membership” Add this option and you will receive a personal training menu and instruction which helps you achieving your own target, with consideration of your daily body condition every time you visit Sunplay.

Bodybuilding: Our “Training Center Sunplay” has been known as “Bodybuilding sanctuary” since it had been established 40 years ago. Our gym founder Yutaka Miyahata, who won 4th place of world’s Mr. Universe Bodybuilding Competition in 1981, still takes an indispensable part in Japanese bodybuilding field.

Things to bring for registration to be a member ― Personal ID, expenses, (Student ID for students)
Things to bring for Visitor 1 day ― Personal ID, expenses

-Other facility-
1. Tanning Salon ― 1890yen/30m, 3240yen/60m
Tanned skin makes your body look fit, and also it strengthens your bone density and immunity, maintains your body rhythm, and reduces physical stress.

2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ― 3240yen/45m
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a relaxing treatment which the patient is entirely enclosed in a private chamber (bag) of 4.3 atmosphere, breathing pure oxygen at greater than one atmosphere pressure. That is effective for facial beauty, anti-aging, banishing cellulite, weight loss, athletic performance and injury recovery.

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